The JRC JST-145/245.

The JRC JST 145-245 is a high quality, high performance tranceiver
utilizing the latest innovation circuits and semiconductors development from Japan Radio Compagny.
Many years of experience and achievements in the field of radio communmication and information received from the many users of the JRC JST-135.
The JRC-145/245 has been produced under the strictest quality control methods.
Download for FREE, the complete JRC-JST-145/245 manual.  Here!

Transmission frequency range:
  • 1.8 to 2.0 MHz. (160m).
  • 3.5 to 4.0MHz. (80m).
  • 7.0 to 7.3MHz. (40m).
  • 10.1 to 10.15 MHz. (30m).
  • 14.0 to 14.35MHz. (20m).
  • 18.068 to 18.168MHz. (17m).
  • 21 to 21.45MHz. (15m).
  • 24.89 to 24.99MHz. (12m).
  • 28.0 to 29.7MHz. (10m).
  • 50 to 54.0MHz. (6m).
Reception frequency range:100 kHz. to 30MHz. / 30 to 54MHz. only the JST-245.
Modes:SSB ( USB, LSB) - CW - AM(A3H) _ FM - AFSK.
Frequency stability: Better than ±10ppm 5 min. to 60 min. after switching ON.Thereafter, better than ±2ppm.
Minium tunning increment:2Hz
Memory capacity:200 channels.
Antenna Impedance:50OHm. (unbalanced)
Input Voltage:JST-145DXU/245DXU.
85 to 132 VAC, 50/60HZz single phase.
170 to 264 VAC,50/60Hz single phase.
Power consumption:Receive (with no signal).Approx 90VA.
Transmit.Approx 900VA (at 150watt output by the JST-145/245DX).
Dimensions:350mm(width) 130mm(Height) 305mm(deep).
Weight:Approx 12 Kg.
Ouput Power::JST-145 and the JST-245DX: 15 to 150 Watt, continuously adjustable.
  • SSB, AM(A3H),and AFSK: Balanced modulation.
  • FM: Reactance modulation.Carrier suppression ratio 50dB or more.
  • Undesired sideband suppresion ratio 60dB or more.
  • Spurious emission -40dB or less.
  • 3rd order intermodulation disortion -38dB or less.
  • Frequency resaponse 400 to 2600Hz (within 6dB, SSB).
  • Maxium frequency devation ±5kHz.
    Microphone impedance 600OHm.
Receiving system:
  • SSB,CW,AM,and AFSK: Quadruple Superheterodyne
  • FM: Tripple Superhetrodyne.
Intermediate frequencies:
  • 1 st IF: 70.445MHz.
  • 2nd IF: 9.455MHz.
  • 3rd IF: 455MHz.
  • 4th IF: 97kHz.
0,1 to 0,5MHz.14dB µ.24dB µ.-
0,5 to 1.6MHz.6db µ.16dB µ.-
1.6 to 30MHz.-10dB µ.6dB µ.-6dB µ.
48 to 54MHz.-10dB µ.6dB µ.-6dB µ.
  • (SSB,CW,AFSK, and AM at 10dB S/N:FM at 12dB SINAD).
Image rejection:70dB or more.
IF rejection:70dB or more.
SSB,CW(W),AFSK(inter)2.4kHz.or more.4.0kHz. or more..
FM (wide).12kHz.or more.-.
AM(inter).6kHz. or more.18kHz.or more.
  • RIT/XIT range:± 10kHz.
  • PBS range:± 1kHz.
  • Notch filter attenuation: Approx 40dB.
  • Maxium audio output:1 watt or more.
*(Ratings are standard values using the JA1A measuring methods.)
*(Ratings and circuits subject to change without prior notice.)