The JRC JST-100.
The compact HF tranceiver employs an 8 bit microprocessor to control all the complicated fuctions sush as band and mode selections.and memory control, and memory channel acces.The 11 channel memory can easily store and recall not only VFO frequncies but also working frequncy bands and modes.The JST-100 is fully equipped with attractive and powerfull capabilities such as tree PLL circuits phase-lock with a highly stable 10 MHz standard crystal oscillator: two digital VFO's permitting independent selection of bands and modes; and memory finder capabillity with the working VFO being held. Download for FREE, the complete JRC-JST-100 manual Here!

Transmission frequency range:
  • 1.8MHz. - 2.0MHz.
  • 3.5MHz. - 4.0MHz.
  • 7.0MHz. - 7.3MHz.
  • 10.1MHz. - 10.15MHz.
  • 14.0MHz. - 14.35MHz.
  • 18.0MHz. - 18.6MHz.
  • 21.0MHz. - 21.45MHz.
  • 28.0MHz. - 21.45MHz.
  • 28.0MHz. - 29.7MHz.
Modes: A1A (CW) - A3J (LSB / USB) - F1 (RTTY) - and A3 (AM; 10MHz ±5kHz receive only).
Frequencie increment:10 Hz steps.
Memory capacity: 11 channels.
Antenna impedance:50 OHm.
Power Supply:13.8Volt ±10%negatieve-grounded.
Power Cosumpion: Approx 02A for standby for reception.  Approx 20A for 100 Watt transmission (JST-100D.  Approx 05A for 10W transmission (JST-0100S).
Dimensions: H130(145) x W330(348) x D273(347) mm approx ( ) incl.projections.
Weight:Approx 10Kg.
Output power:JST-100D - 100 Watt / JST-100S 10 Watt.
Carrier suppression: 50dB or more.
Undesired sideband:60dB or more.
Spurious radiation:-40dB or less.
Third order intermodulation:-31dB or less relatieve to PEP.
Audio ressponse:6dB or less in 400-2600Hz (A3J)
Frequency stability:Within ± 10 ppm for 5--60 min after power-on
  Within ± 2 ppm per hour there after.
Microphone Impedance:600 OHm.
Modulation Input:-60- -20dBm at rated output power.
Modulation:Balanced modulation.
RTTY Frequency shift:170Hz (±85Hz.)
Receiver system:
Intermediate frequency:
  • First IF 70.455mHz.
  • Second IF 455 kHz.
  • IF for PBT 8.7MHz.
  • CW-SSB-RTTY -10dBµ(0.3µV) or less
  • AM 16dBµ (6µV) or less (at 10dB S/N).
Image rejection;70dB or more.
IF rejection:70-dB or more.
Audio output:1W or more (with 4 OHm load at 10% distortion).
SSB/CW(W)/RTTY:2.3kHz. 4.3kHz.
CW(M) -Option.0.7kHz. 2.3kHz.
CW(N) -Option.0.32kHz. 1.4kHz.