DXCC Awards obtained since 01-01-2016.
Certificates are available for the folowing bands:

  • 160 Meters - 20 Meters.
  • 80 Meters - 17 Meters.
  • 40 Meters - 15 Meters.
  • 30 Meters -  12 Meters.
  • 10 Meters -6 Meters.
  • 2 Meters- 70 Centimeters.
  • There is no DXCC award currently available for 5 MHz (60 Meters).

As propagation and technical achievements progress, amateurs may achieve awards on other amateur bands, the addition of these awards will be determined by the ARRL Awards Committee.
Source: The ARRL.

The WPX Awards are sponsored by CQ Magazine.

The CQ WPX Award recognizes the accomplishments of confirmed QSOs with the many prefixes used by amateurs throughout the world.
Separate, distinctively marked certificates are available for SSB, CW, Digital (RTTY/PSK) and Mixed (CW, SSB/Phone, Digital).